Preschool & Childcare program for Children 3 to 4 years old
Monday-Friday 7AM-6PM 

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Lakeside Preschool & Childcare Center features

  • Licensed Center 
  • Qualified & experienced teaching staff
  • New playground facility & indoor gym
  • Renovated colorful classrooms and new resources
  • Christian environment, Bible curriculum and weekly chapel
  • Family Events
  • 3yr old Reading Readiness curriculum
  • 4yr old Abeka phonics-based reading and writing curriculum
  • Curriculum in math, science, social skills, music, language and art

Program Options

  • Preschool only Monday, Wednesday & Friday Mornings
  • 3 Day Care - includes Preschool Curriculum 
  • Full time 5 Day Care - includes Preschool Curriculum


Lakeside Preschool & Childcare Center Director

Rosemary240x140Rosemary Neary has over 25 years working in preschool & childcare, 12 years as a teacher and 13 years as a director. She has been a Director in two Church Preschool & Childcare Centers and has taught infants to preschool. Rosemary earned in BA in Early Childhood & Christian Education from North Central University. She is married to Pastor Randy Neary, Family Life Pastor at Lakeside and they have two children, Ben (and his wife Sam who live in Chicago) & Beth.


 Mission Statement

  • Love: Provide an environment where children and their families experience God’s love
  • Quality: To provide a safe and high standard program, with quality staff, environment and resources.
  • Whole Child: To provide a learning environment for children’s spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development
  • Whole Family: To partner with parents in the care and nurturing of their children, and to provide support and ministry for the family


 Food & Nutrition


  • LPCC provides nutritious morning and evening snacks.
  • Lunches are provided by the families.
  • LPCC will try to accommodate for children's special dietary needs.

LPCC has a goal to provide a hot lunch program.  As soon as we have reached enrollment goals that will afford us the opportunity to open our kitchen and provide staff, we will begin a hot lunch program at no additional charge.




Lakeside Preschool & Childcare is committed to offering the best quality care at the best price. Call today for a tour and meet with the Director to get the current weekly rates. 



• 20% discount for Lakeside Church Members
• 10% discount given for a second child in any program, applied to the first child’s tuition.
• 2.5% discount for Cash, Check or ACH payment
• $100 Registration Fee
• $35 Nap matt & Blanket Fee
• $10 Access Card Fee
• $25 Late Payment Fee - Tuition due the first Monday of term (Month or Week)
• $5 Credit Card decline Fee



learn_blocksLakeside Preschool & Childcare Center educational philosophy is built upon a unique set of characteristics. In addition to our Christian faith, we look to developmental psychology and educational theories to provide the foundation for our program. We seek to encourage and assist the child in developing their own unique pattern of interests, talents, and thoughts. To achieve this, learning experiences are enhanced through an academic curriculum, hands-on activities, and low teacher to student ratios also incorporating co-teaching teams.

LPCC Preschool program utilizes a 4 yr. old Christian Pre-K curriculum known as the “ABEKA” curriculum. The ABEKA curriculum is strong in Phonics, Math and Bible. The ABEKA curriculum helps to prepare a child for success in their 5K year by helping each child develop beginner reading skills and math skills. The ABEKA Pre-K curriculum is a stepping block to a successful 5 yrs. old Kindergarten class. The year begins with a review of colors, shapes, numbers, letters and phonetic sounds of each letter. The year quickly progresses to forming consonant/vowel blends such as “h+e=he”. After learning a series of “blends”, the next step is to add another consonant such as “he+n=hen”, thus the beginnings of recognizing and reading simple 3 letter words, which is the beginning of reading! The children work through two book series, the first series is of special “blends” and the other an “Old McDonald” series of beginner reader books. The children are put in small “reading groups” where they get to work together with the teacher on their reading skills and the proper pronunciation of their blends.

Along with Phonics, the children are introduced to math concepts such as spatial differences, opposites, counting 1-100 by rote and both memorizing and recognizing numbers 1-20 at random as well as simple addition facts (1+1=2, 2+2=4). The children also learn about the different “number families”, the “ones, teens, twenties, and so on.”

The children will also work on handwriting and tracing skills improving their purposeful movement on the paper and fine motor skills. The year begins with the children tracing their letters and their name. As the year progresses the children will begin to independently write along with tracing until they are able to write on their own.

All classes begin the day with prayer. The children also will have regular Bible stories each day. Through the telling of Bible stories, drama, praise and songs, the children will discover the stories of the Bible, learn how Jesus died for their sins, and how He loves them unconditionally. The children will also learn the A-Z scripture verses. This is something the children really enjoy. They go over the verses each day and add a new one each week. By the end of the year, they will be able to quote all twenty-six verses, John 3:16 and the “Lord’s Prayer”. This helps to build a strong beginning for the children and teaches them the importance of hiding God’s Word in their hearts.

Additional to the ABEKA curriculum, Bible class and Chapel, the children are involved in many hands-on activities, center play, outdoor play, social interaction throughout the day. They enjoy times of “music and movement”, choosing their play/learning center, each activity in its own way giving the children a chance to interact with others, express their own interests and personalities.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Are you a fully licensed facility?
Answer: Yes! We became fully licensed in August of 2013.

Question:  The rate for the program seems a little lower than average?
Answer:  LPCC is a ministry of Lakeside Assembly of God Church. Our vision is to offer a high quality program with a fair tuition. LPCC is part of Lakeside A/G which is a non-profit organization, this gives significant savings in lease, taxes, and insurance.

Question:  What is the Relationship between LPCC and Lakeside Assembly of God?
Answer: LPCC is a ministry of Lakeside Assembly of God.

Question:  Who is in charge of LPCC?
Answer:  Lakeside Preschool & Childcare Center is under the leadership of the LPCC Director. The director is accountable to the Lead Pastor & church board and works with an advisory board.