Friends & Family Night OnlineOn an average Wednesday evening, Lakeside offers adults more than 20 classes and ministry opportunities, primarily in our Adult Education Wing! With our two-track system, adults can enjoy multiple classes/ministries each Wednesday evening. Whether you're looking for a powerful Bible study, learning new skills, or connecting with new friends, there's something for every adult on Wednesday nights. Ministries for youth and children are also provided concurrently with adult classes. Grow in God and make lifetime relationships at Lakeside's "Friends & Family Night!"

Sept. 13 - Nov. 29, 2023

Wednesday Friends & Family Night

Adult Classes and Ministries



Chaos of the Cults! (7:00 & 8:10 pm)
Teacher: Pastor, Dr. Phil Krist
Purpose: Defending Biblical Christianity
Location: Garden Room

Who do the Cults target and convert the most? Immature Christians! “Chaos of the Cults” gives Christians an understanding of the major Cults, a stronger faith and a sharper witness. “Chaos” covers these cults and false religions: Christian Science; Freemasonry; Jehovah Witnesses; Mormonism; Scientology; Wicca/Witchcraft; Hinduism; Buddhism; Islam; and a movement with cultic trappings - The UFO Movement. 

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Christian History Made Easy (7:00 & 8:10 pm)
(Reformation to Pentecost) 
Teacher: Pastor Randy Neary
Purpose: Church History
Location: Room 19

A summary of the Church’s story, shared in words that everyone can understand, Christian History Made Easy is a collection of stories. Together these stories are intended to sketch one small portion of what God has been up to for the past 1,000 years.



Walking in a Minefield (7:00 pm only)
Teacher: Del Bates

Purpose: Spiritual Warfare
Location: Room 20

We are in a battle like never before, the battle you face is for your soul. Learn to identify the bombs raging around you and how to disarm them before they explode.  • Discover Satan’s tactics;  • Learn how to pray amid each battle;  • Know how to use your God-given weapons;  • Understand the General of Intercession— the Holy Spirit  • Claim your authority.  See spiritual warfare in action resulting in battles won in the Spiritual realm.

14Feasts Class

Prophetic Feast (7:00 pm only)
Teacher: Diane Viers
Purpose: Bible Customs/Prophecy
Location:  Window Room

Studying the Jewish roots of the Gospels, Bible manners and customs, and the Hebrew language will show you a timeline of the birth, ministry and death of Christ as well as a deeper understanding of the End-Times. You will come away with a better understanding of Christ’s birth, baptism and why Christ waited until the age of 30 to start His ministry.

 1_7Blessing team thumb

The Blessing Team (7:00-9:00 pm) 
Leaders: Steve & Lydia Addy

Purpose: An Outreach Encouragement Ministry
Location:  Room 18

The Blessing Team is our ministry for Lakeside shut-ins, hurting, and those in need of a Love Touch. Every Wednesday a "Blessing Assignment" is given to minister for a Lakeside home with a "Love-Touch Gift," Free Groceries, Songs of Praise, Communion, the Anointing of Oil for healing, and the message: "Lakeside has not forgotten about you, and most of all God hasn't forgotten about you!"

4_3Sermon on the Mount

Sermon on the Mount (7:00 pm only) 
Teacher: Pastor Pat Guido

Purpose:  Bible Study
Location: Room 15

Join us as we study “The Sermon on the Mount,” which is Jesus' longest, most detailed teaching recorded in the Gospels. It is found in Matthew 5, 6 & 7, containing some of the most essential principles for living a genuine Christian life.

7drama thumbnail

Drama Ministry (7:00 - 9:00 pm )
Leader: Marlana Ketelhut
Purpose:  Ministry Training
Location:  Drama Room

Experience the powerful ministry and outreach potential of Drama Ministry. This quarter we are especially preparing for “Scrooge.”

6_1Endure through trials

The Way to Endure Through Trials (7:00 pm only)

Teacher: Art Jones
Purpose: Bible Study
Location:  Room 13
Peter gave everything up to follow Christ and chose to partake in Jesus’s sufferings. Follow his life experiences in 1 & 2 Peter, see his unique perspective on how to navigate the challenges and trials of being a Christian as we study The Way to Endure Through Trials by Dr. David Jeremiah. Learn to be strong, keep your focus on God’s truth, claim His promises, and act on what He calls you to do.

9Forgotten for the Lord

Forgotten for the Lord (7:00 pm only) 
Teacher: Shari Martin
Purpose: Bible Study
Location: Room 12

Did you ever hear a name from the Bible and realize you don’t know anything about the individual? Names like Rahab, Miriam and Habakkukmay be unknown to you, but they are not forgotten by the Lord.  When taking a closer look, we discover how significant they are!  Join us as we study these people that God honors in His Word, the Bible.  

13Grip of Grace

In the Grip of Grace (7:00 pm only)
Teacher: Raul Rentz
Purpose: The Revelation of Grace
Location:  Room 14

Have you ever felt you did something that could not be forgiven – that God’s grace could not extend to your situation? God’s grace is always sufficient to meet your needs and cover your mistakes, missteps and misdeeds. This study, based on Max Lucado’s best-selling Book In The Grip of Grace,  reveals what the apostle’s words meant to his original readers and how they apply to you today.


19Impact thumbnail

IMPACT (7:00 - 9:00 pm) 
Leader: Bob Padmanabhan
Purpose: Outreach to the Needy
Location:  Cafe/Ready Room

Impact is a weekly Outreach Ministry. Beginning in the Cafe/Ready Room with prayer, IMPACT ministers give groceries to Metro Detroit’s needy who come to Lakeside on an appointment basis. This is a great opportunity to pray, minister & witness for the hurting.

16Praise Team thumb

Praise Team Ministry (7:00 pm only)
Leader: Dawn Waage 
Purpose:  Ministry Training 
Location:  Choir Room 

This is a special team equipping experience for Praise Team Members to learn new praise and worship songs, along with rehearsing weekly song sets for Sundays. Those interested in joining Lakeside’s Praise Team must first join our Choir.

17Praise Band thumb

Praise Band Ministry (7:00 pm only)

Leader: Tim Waage
Purpose:  Ministry Training
Location:  Band Room

This rehearsal experience is for instrumental specials on  Sundays & at special events.  If interested in playing an instrument in Lakeside’s Praise Band, please join us or contact Dawn Waage. 

pat guido thumbPeople Pray

If my people pray….(2 Chron 7:14) (8:10 pm only)
Teacher: Pastor Pat Guido
Purpose:  Bible Study
Location: Room 15

Join us for a weekly devotion on the purpose and power of prayer followed by joining together to pray for the needs in your life and others. 

11United Thumb12

United Young Adult Ministry (7:00-9:00 pm)
(Age focus 25 – 35, 18+ invited)

Leaders: Francesco Pollaccia, Anthony & Bre Leone

7 - 8 pm Young Adults are in the Youth Center for Praise & Worship.8 - 9 pm Young Adults gather in the United Room for Discussion.Topic: Overcoming AngerAs a Young Adult, anger can be all-consuming. We're frustrated about finding a career, an apartment, and of course a spouse. Sometimes it makes us want to scream! Thankfully, Jesus has a plan for Overcoming Anger. We look forward to hanging out with you and walking this path together. 

16Choir thumb

Choir Ministry (8:10 pm only)
Leader: Dawn Waage
Purpose:  Ministry Training
Location:  Choir Room 

Join an exciting group of singers who are far more than a Choir - they’’re Family! Whether it’s Sundays, Worship Musicals, Community Events, or special Outreaches like “Scrooge,” they love to praise Jesus in song. If  you would like to be a part of a Family of Singers who really care for one another, join them, you will be warmly welcomed!

3_3Kids Leadership

Kids Ministry Training (8:10 pm only)
Teacher: Angela Branch - Lakeside Kids Ministry Director

Purpose: Ministry Training
Location:  Room 20

There is a place in kids ministry for YOU! Nothing is greater than discipling the youngest of us to a meaningful relationship with Jesus. This class provides training, information and hands-on learning on how to better connect with kids. It’s not just for the young, but also the young at heart.  

15Koininia thumb

Koinonia Connection (8:10 pm only)
Leaders: Sam and Keri Viviano
Purpose: Connection Group
Location:  Room 13

<It’s a fact, spiritual growth takes place greater in relational circles than in pews. “Koinonia,” is the Greek word for spiritual fellowship and through weekly tasty treats, praise reports, the sharing of needs, and prayer, Koinonia Connection will strengthen your relationship with God and each other. “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” NIV (Acts 2:42)

5_1Be Encouraged

Be Encouraged! (8:10 pm only)
Leaders: Ed and Colleen Jachcinski
Purpose: Connection Group
Location: Room 14

Many people go week after week hearing negativity, criticism, and cursing directed at them, but not one word of encouragement. “Be Encouraged!” focuses on God’s powerful encouraging promises for our lives, plus time is also given for praise reports and prayer requests. This Connection Group will leave you refreshed, revived and Encouraged!

Weekly Bible Study Groups and Prayer Ministries

18Women Prayer

Women's Prayer Meeting

(Tuesdays 9:30 - 11:30 am)
Leader: Judy Lyon
Location: Room 19

8Tuesday Prayer

Tuesday Noon Bible Study & Prayer with the Pastors

(12 noon - 1:00 pm)
Leader: Pastor Krist
Location: Choir Room


20CBS Thumb

Community Bible Study

(Thursdays, 9:30 - 11:30, Sept. - May) 
An in-depth study of God's Word along with great fellowship, powerful prayer, and encouragement!Leader: Jayme WoodsLocation: Chapel


21Mens Prayer

Men's Bible Study & Prayer

(Fridays, 7:00-8:00 am)
Leader: John Rademaker
Location: Room 18


10Leadership Ministry Training 

Lakeside Leadership & Ministry School

College Accredited Courses
Instructors: Dr. Philip Krist & Pastor Randy Neary
Call (586) 726-1120 for Schedule and Information